Psychic City

After many tear-filled phone conversations, Sendal and I knew that not only did we need to reunite, but that we needed to bring our other best friend, Suki, into the mix.  The usually rational and sensible Sendal confided in me, “I think we should all go for a psychic reading.  I could use a little spiritual perspective on my current situation.”  I agreed, of course, as I am a faithful believer in all things supernatural.  She got to work seeking out the best (and most affordable) psychic in town.

The night of our reunion, many alcoholic beverages were consumed and the next morning we dragged our hungover asses to the psychic’s humble dwellings.  I zoned out during their readings, mostly because I was so nervous about my own.  When my time came, she asked me what I wanted to explore, I sheepishly admitted that I was curious about what my romantic future had in store for me.  She looked down at my palm and stated, “I see two great romantic relationships in your life.  One is lengthy and is really a learning experience, the two of you have a lot of fun and explore life together.  I believe this relationship just ended or is coming to an end.”  Holy crap! Pretty accurate so far.
“The next one will lead to marriage and the birth of at least one child.  I expect that you will draw the Contract Card in your Tarot card reading.”
Sure enough, not only does it show up, but in the place of my mind’s eye.
“And there it is,” She announced proudly, “I would say you’ll be meeting your future husband in the next 6 months.”
6 FUCKING MONTHS?! You MUST be joking me!  Over the past month I had come to believe that maybe “the one” didn’t exist for some people and perhaps I was one of them.  Here I was, planning a life as an independent woman, accepting and embracing my inevitable spinsterdom and this chick is telling me I can’t even last half a year before jumping into another relationship.  Mind you, she did not state that I would be marrying this individual anytime soon, or even necessarily dating him.  She just said I would meet him sometime in the Spring, and that I would feel myself opening up like a lotus flower and know he’s about to come into my life.  I cringed at the thought of dating anyone, my overactive imagination couldn’t even dream up an eligible bachelor worthy of my affection.  But the more she described this individual, the better my “soulmate” began to sound.

According to her, this man would recognize our connection instantly, he would get me and love me for my true self, and the two of us would know that in our relationship there is no question that is not worth asking.  The thought of someone out there loving me unconditionally, flaws and all, brought literal tears to my eyes.  Suddenly, I realized that all those years I spent telling everyone I didn’t want marriage or children, maybe I was trying to convince myself more than anyone.  Maybe I just didn’t want those things with him.  I left my reading looking over my shoulder, wondering where my “soulmate” would show up, the light inside now a soft, warm glow.


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