The Rainbow Bridge

Continued from before…

On a following day of no particular importance, Kennedy, Dee and I decided to embark on an adventure to a nearby lake in an effort to escape the growing negativity surrounding us.  We set out in search of the “Rainbow Bridge” an old delapitated bridge that had once been painted ROYGBIV style by members of the visiting Rainbow Gathering, but was now used for drinking on and jumping off.  After getting lost a multitude of times, running into a black bear and nearly an hour of backtracking we finally found ourselves on the right path: down an old secluded logging road.  Suddenly, Kennedy perked up, “I just got this weird feeling that we’re going to see someone walking down here.  We’re going to encounter them again and it’s not going to be good…”
Sure enough, as we rounded the corner we saw, smack dab in the middle of nowhere, an old, very inebriated man, stumbling along.  We collectively held out breaths as the man approached the slow moving vehicle and attempted to speak to us.  We all looked straight ahead and locked our doors in unison.

Once we finally arrived safety at our destination, we all breathed a sigh of relief only to turn around to find the man behind us and making his way in our direction.
“How did he get here so quickly?”
“Someone must have picked him up, he was at least a 10 minute drive back.”
We stared out at the lake while his slurred words drew nearer and nearer.  He reached us and began complimenting me on my shapely legs.  We tried to politely dismiss him until he turned away and then the three of us were off, down the bridge and into the forest on the other side of the bridge.  Once down the path, we began to explore our surroundings: a huge pile of broken glass and an entire men’s outfit abandoned in the dirt.
“Let’s go this way,” Kennedy insisted as she lead us further and further down a narrowing path.  On and on she walked forward in silence, as if in a trance.  Suddenly she froze and stared straight ahead, we all felt uneasy, as if there were another presence with us in the forest.
“Someone just ran across the path.”
“I think we should turn back before we see something we don’t want to see,” I suggested.

Back at the bridge, we stayed on the far end while smoking doobies and eating trail mix.  We all finally began to relax.
Kennedy peered down to the other end of the bridge.  “Is he still down there?  What if he’s waiting for us at the car?”
We tried to reassure her, but when we started up to leave he was by the car, slowly circling around it.  The moment he turned his back we all bolted in and drove away as quickly as possible.



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