The Universe Smiles Upon Me

A couple days ago, my girlfriends from my Uni days came down for a visit.  As is our nature we got super wasted the first night at a BBQ I threw in their honour.  Jane made out with a ginger all night in my bed; Sendal kept insisting people had different names and then demanding they show her their IDs; Andi was the voice of reason; and I embarrassed myself in front of a bunch of French guys by being too wasted to hold my head up and balling my eyes out at the beach.

But I digress…

The next day, completely hungover, we all lay at the beach while I spent an excessive amount of time griping to my friends about Dan.  All 4 of us are incredibly single, without prospects and going through varying draughts and therefore have nothing better to do than vent about the last men in our lives.
“I don’t know why I even like him so much,” I huffed, “He’s just so gorgeous, I wish you girls could see him and judge for yourselves.  Facebook does not do him justice.”
“We’ll be on the lookout for a cute guy on crutches,” Andi laughed.  (He’s currently on crutches… long story, not worth telling)

The next day we went to checkout some tourist spots and I asked the girls if they wanted to go on a shore pine boardwalk.  We started driving out to the junction, but after about 20 minutes we decided against it as we were pressed for time.
“Let’s go to this beach,” I insisted as we passed a sign for the upcoming turn off “I’ve actually never been out here before.”
We made our way down the many rickety stairs towards the beach and had some fun frolicking in the sand.  On the way back I saw Dan’s roommates and said hi before continuing up the stairs ahead of my friends when lo and behold, who do I see but Dan, hobbling painstakingly slowly down the steep, wooden steps.
I greeted him and he gave me that breathtaking smile that made me week at the knees. We made small talk and I introduced him to my friends as they passed him 1 by 1, they each spotted the crutches and gave him a knowing smile.
“We might have a party tonight, I’ll text you,” he said as we parted ways.

My friends could barely contain their smirks.  Back at the car they all burst out laughing.
“He’s not as hot as you made him out to be.”
“You’re a lot better looking than he is.”
“You should give yourself a little more credit, you’ve dated hotter guys than that and you can definitely do better.”
“Thanks girls,” I replied, “I think I really just need to hear that…”
Because for the first time, I actually believed what they were saying…

Imagine, out of the 14 some odd beaches in the area and at the ONE beach I had never been to, the ONE beach that has so many stairs, what are the chances that we’d both be there at the same time?  What are the chances we’d decide against our original plans last minute and end up there?  What are the chances we’d be going opposite ways on the stairs at the exact same moment?  And what are the chances my friends would each get an opportunity to pass closely by him and inspect him head to toe?  I felt that the Universe gave me this moment and was like, “Okay, this is what you wanted.  If this is what you need to feel reassured and finally move on, then here it is!”
When I think back to the moment we first met it’s like, damn, how many more signs do I need before I finally realize I shouldn’t be with him?


Another wonderful moment the Universe bestowed onto me:

While riding my bike to work a couple days later, I felt lousy.  Although this has been the greatest summer of my life, I couldn’t stop wishing that it would end.  Between working two jobs, trying to keep up with writing and school and friends and running and surfing, plus all the people I have constantly popping in from out of town, between all the tourists and crowds and noise: I’m totally worn out.
Anyway, I was thinking about all that stuff and about how much I hated my job.  I kept thinking how I’ll never receive any recognition or praise and how I’ll never experience a night that’s anything less than totally chaotic, how I’ll always have this feeling of dread in my stomach before my shift starts.

When I got to work all the day girls were in a panic and complaining how busy it was.
Great, here we go again!

But it didn’t get busy.  And it continued in this calm manner.  Then my very gruff and intense owner called me over,
“I just wanted to say, you’re doing a great job for being so new.  You’re smart and you don’t ask stupid questions.  I’m not one to just hand out compliments, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it.”

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!  Thank you Universe!  The night was so rad and everything went so smoothly, I was on fire.  I even got to leave somewhat early and hangout with my girl Kennedy.

Sometimes life can hand you a precious gift when you least expect it.



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