What’s the Deal With Blue Balls?

What’s the deal with Blue Balls.  Is it really a “thing”?

I was in high school and having my first real sexual experience with my first real boyfriend.  We started having sex, but I stopped him because it was too painful and uncomfortable.  The words “blue balls” were mentioned and he complained that he felt as if he had been kicked in the balls and went into the bathroom to relieve himself.  The funny thing was I actually felt sorry for him.  Me, the girl whose vagina was throbbing in pain and whose hymen was ripped and bleeding into my panties.  Throughout most of my adult life I have been painfully aware of the “blue balls” phenomenon.  Always careful not to get a man too excited unless I was intending to do something about it.  In fact, I felt guilty if I made out with a guy too passionately, like Shit, I got him all excited, I better have sex with him.

I am now convinced that blue balls is just an excuse peddled by adolescent boys to guilt women into succumbing to intercourse or at the very least, a BJ.  I believe there is a build up in the testicles and that, if unreleased, it could cause some discomfort, but some of these guys act like they’re fucking martyrs.  The fact that little to nothing has been written about it in medical literature reaffirms my beliefs.

Actually, I haven’t heard the words uttered in years.  For some reason I was thinking about it the other day and I nonchalantly asked LipRing.
“Nah, it’s not a real thing,” he insisted.

So now, a few glasses of wine deep I am wondering, “What’s the deal with blue balls?”  Real?  Mythical?

C’mon men, share a little light on the topic.



3 thoughts on “What’s the Deal With Blue Balls?

  1. The naivety that some men have over this constantly astounds me, the small fact from a biology lesson that sperm is constantly reabsorbed seems to miss so many men, it doesn’t build up to busting point and your scrotum doesn’t go pop (although that would be funny to see.,. exploding nutsacks). The other fact that they want to dismiss testicular pain as a need for sex rather than a medical condition, torsional twisting, varicose veins or at worst testicular cancer shows that they font deserve them and are better off without them. I speak from experience here, my best mate had testicular cancer and list them, I also had pain issues and have a varicose vein in my vas-deferens. So basically, if a guy says he has blue-balls he knows nothing about male physiology

    • Exploding nutsacks… I just got a hilarious visual. Thank you for shedding some light on this, the only information available out there is from Men’s Health magazines and they all seem to reinforce this myth. There’s little to nothing in actual medical journals

      • It is shocking how this myth perpetuates, it’s also the “fear” of a visit to a doctor to have your balls handled. Also if any doctor was to say “OH yeh! That uncomfortable feeling down there – have sex” should be disbarred

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